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These three words exemplify what Ideacom Solutions Group has been doing for over 50 years. In 1961 Executone of Florida was established as an authorized distributor serving the Central Florida area for Executone, Inc. Our products were an important part of the total communications needs for the healthcare industry. Ever heard the term “code-blue”? Executone coined that term.

Nurse to patient communications were revolutionized by intercom like technology that allowed a nurse to respond to a patient’s request via a speaker attached to a cord known as a pillow speaker. This allowed the nursing staff to focus on delivering quality patient care and be in constant communication with the patients on their floor.

Ideacom Solutions Group

A lot of this technology had been developed during World War II for use as communications systems for battleships – Executone was called up to support in the war effort as were many manufacturing companies and was presented the prestigious Army-Navy E Award for Excellence in Manufacturing for its contributions. The intercom technology that Executone invented was quickly accepted by all kinds of companies – the ability to communicate to co-workers instantly was an incredible time saver. Back then, the intercom was a separate device – today it is completely integrated in the telephone itself and is still an incredible tool.

In 1968 a ruling by the Federal Communications Commission established the right of telephone company customers to connect their own equipment to the public phone network, if the customer-provided equipment did no harm to the network. This ruling is known as the “Carterphone Decision” and up until that time, you “leased” or “rented” your home and business telephone equipment from your local operating utility.

History of phones

For Executone, getting into the telephone business was a logical extension of their successful communications product line and Executone of Florida became a provider of business telephone systems so in 1988 Executone of Florida became a member of the Executone Independent Distributor Association. The Association’s purpose was to provide feedback on product development and other issues to the manufacturer and was made up solely of principals of Executone’s independent distribution network.

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Our Voice & IP Solutions Group are experts on the product lines we offer and will provide ideas for your company’s telecommunications hardware and software needs. VOIP, Conference Bridging, Voice Mail & Unified Messaging systems compliment traditional telecommunications systems and can actually help control costs and make your organization more efficient.

Also, our commitment to delivering quality products and services through our alliance with Ideacom gets highlighted with new partners for local dial tone, long distance service, internet access, web hosting, SIP trunking and MPLS. We have the expertise to provide design solutions that will help get the most out of your investment in telecommunications and data network hardware. We can provide ideas for your data & voice cabling infrastructure and make your connections to the outside world as fast, reliable and cost-effective as possible.