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Quickly Find The Information You Need to Know About Your Phone

Ideacom provides premier ShoreTel VoIP phone systems that are easy to use for businesses of all sizes from the Orlando, FL area. With the advances in technology, we are dedicated to helping businesses take their phone communication to the next level by providing phone systems that can enhance the efficiency of any business’s day-to-day phone communications. The ShoreTel 212k IP phone can help take your business in the right communication direction.

What is in the Reference Guide?

The ShoreTel 212k IP phone reference guide that any business owner or employee can reference and makes the phone easier to use. The reference guide provides information on how to:

  • Make phone calls
  • Log in & out of Workgroups
  • Set up and utilize your voice mail box
  • Access troubleshooting information & more


Beyond that, this guide lays out the different office answer anywhere codes, common star codes you can utilize, status icons and other vital information that can help you become more efficient. 

Download the ShoreTel Reference Guide!

Download the ShoreTel 212k IP reference guide and contact Ideacom in Orlando, FL if you have any other questions regarding your new phone or need assistance with picking out the best VoIP phone system solution for your business today!