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VoIP Phones That Are Easy to Install & Use

Ideacom offers reliable and easy to use phone systems that can help enhance the communication process of businesses and organizations that are in the Orlando, FL area. ShoreTel makes staying connected easier for businesses. The 212k IP Phone can help take your business’s communication to the next level.

Valuable Information in the Installation Guide

Allwox and Ideacom want to help your business excel with business communications. With that, Allqorx has come up with a great tool: the installation guide. Setting up the ShoreTel 212k IP phone is made easy with the installation guide. Your new VoIP phone will be ready to use in no time at all with specific step-by-step instructions on how to:

  • Attach the phone to the base
  • Connect the phone to a network and power
  • Connect the handset & more


Beyond that, this guide provides a breakdown of the phone’s features, functions, safety instructions as well as other valuable information.

Download the ShoreTel Installation Guide!

For more specific information, download the ShoreTel 212k IP installation guide. Feel free to contact Ideacom in Orlando, FL if you need help picking out the best VoIP phone system solution for your business today!