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Five Great Reasons You Should Upgrade Your Phone System

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A company’s phone system is one of its most valuable assets. Without a reliable communication system, operations will suffer and employees will lack the support they require. The phone systems utilized by many organizations lag far behind the current technical standard. Although these systems nonetheless allow for basic communication, upgrading business phone systems in Orlando can significantly enhance what a company is able to do for its team members and for the people it serves.

Five Reasons Your Company Should Upgrade

Here are just five reasons that a company should upgrade its phone system in Orlando to VoIP:

  • Inability to handle call volume. Some older Florida phone systems simply cannot handle the volume of incoming and outgoing calls. Frequent busy signals and other problems indicate that a new solution is needed.
  • No support for mobile communication. Team members on mobile phones need to be connected to the office phone system, especially if they frequently communicate with clients. Leaving a message or forwarding a call via a switchboard is unnecessary thanks to improved telecommunications technology.
  • Lack of multi-office support. Today’s businesses might be organized in many different office locations. A single phone system can easily handle this arrangement – so long as it is not hampered by outdated architecture.
  • No VoIP integration. VoIP is an important technical feature that takes advantage of existing computer network infrastructure to support phone operations. Having both a computer network and a traditional phone tree is redundant and does not use existing resources to their full advantage.
  • Scaling Difficulty. Traditional phone tree architecture is difficult to scale. Any change requires extensive revision of infrastructure. Additions or subtractions to VoIP systems can be made without fuss and without disrupting the rest of the phone lines.


Everything a Company Needs

Companies require many different technical solutions to meet the challenges they face every day. From VoIP to Ethernet, up-to-date technology plays a big role in business.

Tammy Giannone
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Tammy was born and raised in Central Florida. Her passion for technology is only rivaled by fishing, Single Malt Scotch and fine cigars and not necessarily in that order. She is Vice President of Ideacom Solutions Group which has been providing telecom solutions in Central Florida since 1958. Tammy’s areas of expertise includes VOIP hardware and services, Telecom Expense Management and Carrier Services. During her 30+ years in telecom she’s been a member of several Dealer Council’s and Product Advisory Committees for global service providers and manufacturers. She can be reached at Connect with Tammy on LinkedIn.

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