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Effective Phone Systems for Small Businesses

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Every business needs to have a communication system that suits its particular operations. Though communication options such as email and text messaging are convenient, they lack the same formal presentation that a dedicated phone line developed by Ideacom Solutions Group provides. A well-organized office phone system allows all employees and managers of small businesses the resources they need to communication effectively with customers and each other.

Are Mobile Phones Really Better?

Though mobile phones are undoubtedly a valuable tool for personal and professional communication, they have numerous drawbacks for small businesses. Adding new numbers to a cell phone plan can be prohibitively expensive; a dedicated business system is a more dynamic solution for a comparable cost. Cell phones can be easily lost, stolen, or damaged. A business phone system is more secure and more reliable. Finally, mobile phone technology changes too quickly to be a reliable first line of communication. Small businesses everywhere have chosen a phone system because it is ultimately more stable.

Helping Your Company Accomplish More

Today’s phone systems offer a wide array of tools to small business owners. These are just some of the advantages that come from implementing a new system:

  • Clear, prompt communication
  • Dedicated professional voice mail
  • Effective switchboard organization
  • Space for phone system growth
  • Integration with computer network infrastructure
  • Streamlined cell phone integration to reach employees in the field

Support For Your Operations

Our team of telecommunication professionals can accurately assess what resources your company has available and then devise solutions that make the most of them. We can provide you with powerful solutions that help your team meet their operational goals while also creating a platform for future growth. A solid communication infrastructure will provide your company with valuable support as you focus on doing business.

We Are Ready to Help You Work Harder

Our team can get started developing a phone system for your small business. Give your company the technical solutions it requires for greater customer service and efficient operations.

Call us today for more information: (407) 398-6444.

Tammy Giannone
About the Author
Tammy was born and raised in Central Florida. Her passion for technology is only rivaled by fishing, Single Malt Scotch and fine cigars and not necessarily in that order. She is Vice President of Ideacom Solutions Group which has been providing telecom solutions in Central Florida since 1958. Tammy’s areas of expertise includes VOIP hardware and services, Telecom Expense Management and Carrier Services. During her 30+ years in telecom she’s been a member of several Dealer Council’s and Product Advisory Committees for global service providers and manufacturers. She can be reached at Connect with Tammy on LinkedIn.

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