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Choosing Between VoIP and Traditional Landline

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Small business owners considering the implementation of a new phone system have several important choices to make. Perhaps most importantly, they much choose between a traditional landline phone system and a VoIP system. This choice can have a significant impact on your daily operating procedure and on your monthly operating costs. Ideacom Solutions Group specializes in developing VoIP phone systems for small businesses and we can help you maximize the value of this particular option while keeping your costs in mind.

VoIP and How it Helps Businesses

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is a telecommunications system that utilizes a company’s own computer network to support intra-office communication, outside calling, and other features. This allows for more responsive design; with our help, a small business can select precisely which features they want their phone system to have.

To understand what exactly a VoIP small business phone system can do, it is helpful to compare your two options:

  • A landline phone system is an analog system connected to the public network. These systems have a long history of reliable use and are familiar to most users. Some systems require an initial investment cost in order to accommodate all the features a company requires. Service visits are required for maintenance and for the accommodation of network growth.
  • A VoIP system is digital, which eliminates some of the cumbersome hardware that older systems had to deal with. A company’s existing Internet connection and computer network is utilized, which eliminates the need to invest in lots of new equipment. Expanding an existing VoIP network is quite easy, so responsive change is possible.

A System That Suits Your Company

Our team is here to help your small business access the telecommunication solutions required for efficient operation and future growth. We can develop a VoIP system for you that makes available all the features you need. If you would like to discover the full potential of a dedicated VoIP phone system, just contact us.

Call us today for more information: (407) 398-6444.

Tammy Giannone
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Tammy was born and raised in Central Florida. Her passion for technology is only rivaled by fishing, Single Malt Scotch and fine cigars and not necessarily in that order. She is Vice President of Ideacom Solutions Group which has been providing telecom solutions in Central Florida since 1958. Tammy’s areas of expertise includes VOIP hardware and services, Telecom Expense Management and Carrier Services. During her 30+ years in telecom she’s been a member of several Dealer Council’s and Product Advisory Committees for global service providers and manufacturers. She can be reached at Connect with Tammy on LinkedIn.

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