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Why Switching to VoIP Helps Save the Planet

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green voipAccording to a Nielsen study published in 2014, 66 percent of participants stated that business owners should strive to make decisions based on not only what is best for their company, but also what is best for the environment. This is true whether the business is a one-person operation or a multi-million dollar corporation. Companies that make a sincere effort to cultivate green policies will appeal to this majority demographic much easier than those that do not make an effort will. Another benefit of having a green program in place is that it allows businesses to adapt easily to new federal mandates aimed at environmental protection.

How Switching to VoIP Makes a Huge Environmental Impact

With a VoIP phone system in place, the geographic location of employees is no longer of relevance. People can work from home or from a satellite location just as easily as they can from one centrally located office. While convenience is certainly an important benefit of choosing VoIP, environmental factors are another big concern. When people don’t have to commute every day, it takes more cars off the roads and cuts down on greenhouse gas emissions.

Having more employees work from home also cuts down on utility bills by reducing the need for constant electricity, heating, and the costs associated with maintaining several forms of technology. This is another win-win situation. The business owner saves a substantial amount of money every month while the conservation of resources is better for the environment. VoIP makes this possible by connecting a company’s phone system to a high-speed Internet connection. Regardless of where employees travel during the day, the VoIP connection makes it possible to make and answer calls wherever they are.

The paperless fax option on many VoIP systems allows people to send and receive the data they need without the need to print and transmit a paper fax. This saves paper as well as the electricity required to operate a fax machine continuously. By making these small changes, business owners can appeal to the sense of responsibility that potential customers have for the environment and for their own community.


Saving on the Cost of Hardware and Software

Using VoIP for business communication offers green benefits that are not possible with other methods, including on-site IVR systems or hosted systems. Both of the latter options consume a great deal of power, which many people feel cancels out other benefits to the user. These include disaster recovery options, ensuring fault tolerance and redundancy, and nearly perfect uptime guarantees.

Because VoIP and SIP communications transform voice signals received by telephone to digital signals sent over the Internet, they don’t require a large backend infrastructure in order to operate correctly. While the ability to hear and participate in voice communications online is more technologically advanced, it costs less than other methods of business communications at the same time it is friendlier to the environment. By integrating VoIP with an IVR system that is already in place, business owners are doing their part to use fewer resources and reduce their company’s carbon footprint.


If you’d like to switch to make the switch to VoIP, be sure to visit our homepage to learn more about our VoIP business phone systems. Also, we just recently published a bunch of useful guides for Allworx and Shortel phone systems for you to check out.

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