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Advantages of Switching to VoIP

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Why It Pays To Switch to VOIP

voipBusiness communications today have changed. Unlike most of the 20th century, the Internet has changed the way businesses communicate, and this is true in telephony more than any other area. More and more companies are switching from traditional landline communications to Voice Over IP (VOIP) service for a number of reasons. While reduced cost is one of the biggest drivers for companies to make the change– overall, VOIP service costs far less to maintain than a traditional landline system– there are a lot of advantages that companies adopting VOIP currently enjoy over their competitors (Source:

Mobility and Stronger Corporate Communications

Because VOIP systems are not tethered like traditional land line systems, this technology is a game-changer for businesses with mobile employees (Source: Employees can move, send emails and engage in regular telephone communications from anywhere they’re needed. In short, telephony becomes untethered from the land line and can take their office work wherever they’re most needed. Internet communication opens up a variety of other avenues. Gone are clunky conference calls of the past. Communications are seamless, whether through traditional telephony or video conferencing and messaging. With enhanced voice clarity, VOIP communications today rival those of traditional landlines, bringing substantial benefits to adopters with no drawbacks.

Easier Maintenance and Fewer Costs

Because VOIP systems are not wired as traditional landlines are, there’s no systemic overlap that leads to increased IT headaches later. VOIP systems are centered around the internet network, not a separate infrastructure. Cabling systems don’t overlap, as the network is sufficient to handle both voice and data. This means there are no worries such as damaged telephone lines at the location that raise costs and reduce accessibility. VOIP simplifies a company’s hardware structure, and problems can be easily resolved remotely, without a costly visit to do checks on hidden hardware. In fact, VOIP systems are so adaptable they’re being used in telephone-heavy businesses such as call centers (Source: And with the power to add and remove phone lines, toll-free numbers and features remotely, VOIP makes corporate telephony work the way the customer wants it– giving them the freedom to design their communications as they wish.

Tammy Giannone
About the Author
Tammy was born and raised in Central Florida. Her passion for technology is only rivaled by fishing, Single Malt Scotch and fine cigars and not necessarily in that order. She is Vice President of Ideacom Solutions Group which has been providing telecom solutions in Central Florida since 1958. Tammy’s areas of expertise includes VOIP hardware and services, Telecom Expense Management and Carrier Services. During her 30+ years in telecom she’s been a member of several Dealer Council’s and Product Advisory Committees for global service providers and manufacturers. She can be reached at Connect with Tammy on LinkedIn.

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