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How VoIP Saves Your Business Money

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voipbusinessserviceVoIP technology routes voice calls over the Internet, allowing you to bypass traditional phone systems and their associated charges. In fact, you may have been attracted to VoIP for that very reason. No doubt, you’ll pay much less in local and long distance charges using VoIP than you would with traditional phone utilities. However, the savings don’t end there. Here are a few more ways that VoIP helps to save your business money:

  • Pay as you grow – VoIP systems are highly scalable. As your office grows, adding new users or phone lines is both easy and affordable — and it’s much more affordable than it is to expand a traditional PBX or add copper phone lines.
  • Reduced travel expenses – According to, “A VoIP phone system can help your business save money by cutting travel costs with video and web conferencing and other collaboration tools and allows you to easily add, change, or move phone connections as your business and workforce grows.”
  • Robust features included – Desirable features such as call waiting, caller ID, call forwarding, call conferencing, auto attendant, music on hold, and call routing are extremely expensive from traditional telephone service carriers. With VoIP, these features — and many others — are often bundled into the service for a low flat rate. Even when individually billed, their costs are dramatically lower than the phone company’s.
  • Low international calling rates – If you make frequent calls overseas, VoIP can slash your international calling costs dramatically. Granted, international calls are not free with VoIP; however, you will get much lower per minute rates using VoIP than you would with a traditional phone carrier.
  • No repair or maintenance costs – Your VoIP phone service is maintained by your provider. You do not need to have an IT team to manage your system, nor do you need to call in an expensive repair technician should you have a problem. Your provider takes care of any needed add-ons, updates, or repairs.

Switching to VoIP can save your business a great deal of money above and beyond your basic calling costs.


Tammy Giannone
About the Author
Tammy was born and raised in Central Florida. Her passion for technology is only rivaled by fishing, Single Malt Scotch and fine cigars and not necessarily in that order. She is Vice President of Ideacom Solutions Group which has been providing telecom solutions in Central Florida since 1958. Tammy’s areas of expertise includes VOIP hardware and services, Telecom Expense Management and Carrier Services. During her 30+ years in telecom she’s been a member of several Dealer Council’s and Product Advisory Committees for global service providers and manufacturers. She can be reached at Connect with Tammy on LinkedIn.

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